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About Kalkan

16 October 2021 by klrwp

Kalkan is a place to fall in love with, with a Magical spell over it …

The people of Kalkan warmly welcome you, and you may at first be surprised by the universal friendliness within the town. This, along with warm Anatolian hospitality is the basis of life here and the people of Kalkan sincerely enjoy getting to know their guests. You won’t be hassled while you are a guest of Kalkan – the town is hassle-free and is proud to be so. You will find a mixed population here, consisting of locals, and the people from other cities who have made Kalkan their home and own small businesses, as well as a small number of well-educated foreigners who have settled in the town.

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Because of its great charm, Kalkan has a growing number of perennial visitors who say the town is the only holiday destination they would choose to visit repeatedly. There is simply no other town quite like Kalkan along Turkey’s coast.

Being a small peaceful Mediterranean resort and fishing town on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Kalkan has not been touched by mass tourism. More sophisticated than the usual resort town, Kalkan appeals to travelers looking for more than a “sun and sea” holiday. According to the Sunday Times, Kalkan attracts the kind of visitor who would also enjoy Tuscany or the Dordogne. The Guardian likens the town to “the Italian Riviera minus the poseurs.”

Kalkan has retained the texture of its history by protecting its distinctive Ottoman Greek architecture. Very strict building codes keep the town small and architecturally blended with the historic heart of the town known as “Old Kalkan”.

The town overlooks a beautiful bay in which islands seem to magically float upon the shimmering sea. Narrow streets twist down to the harbour, lined with old whitewashed villas with shuttered windows situated alongside small local specialty shops and restaurants in historic buildings..

Kalkan Restaurants

Our cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world due to the abundance of home grown vegetables and spices, and variety of recipes with individual tastes.

So many types of vegetables and fruit are grown in Turkey, consequently they are fresh and very low priced, unlike many of the European countries where the majority of vegetables and fruit are imported and therefore not really fresh and also expensive to cover the cost of importing..

Many pulses are used as staple food, beans cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with chilli or fresh green beans cooked in a tomato sauce. Oil oil is one of the most frequently used ingredients, and can be purchased from those who pressed the olives, olive trees are abundant in the area surrounding Kalkan.

Cheese is a popular staple. There are many different sort of white cheeses and it is served at breakfast with tomatoes, fresh bread, honey and green or black olives and eggs. Tea (Chay) is the traditional breakfast beverage.

Fish is abundant and there are approximately 100 types in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Fish is rarely served with a sauce, but may be stuffed with rice and fresh vegetables, but it is mainly fried in olive oil with a wedge of lemon and always served with fresh bread and salad. Take a trip to Fethiye fish market where you can choose your fish, ie.. sardines, swordfish, seabream and numerous others and have it cooked for you at one of the surrounding cafes.

Start your meal with a Turkish meze ‘starters’. There will be cheese, fried courgettes and aubergines, salad, fish, deep fried liver, Boreks ( filo pastry filled with either cheese, meat, spicy sausage, and seasoning such as parsley and garlic and fried in olive oil. There are many different kinds of mezes depending on the area.

For dessert try baklava, layers of filo pastry, walnuts and syrup baked and sprinked with crushed pistachio nuts, or halvah, a sweet made from sesame oil or yoghurt with pine honey, all delicious.

Traditional coffee is drunk after every meal and is ‘cooked’. The coffee is stirred in cold water in a cezve (pot with a handle) and boiled until it produces a foam, you decide how sweet in advance. A wonderful end to a fresh and appetising meal.

Kalkan Beaches

There are stunning beaches and beach clubs in Kalkan and the immediate vicinity, with Patara Beach an obvious example. Several beach clubs complete the swimming options available in Kalkan, which are accessible by water taxi, taxi or on foot, these clubs are much more than simply platforms cut into the cliff side – they provide a peaceful and stunning place in which to relax by the water’s edge listening to the sounds of the sea and, occasionally, gentle background music.

Most of the clubs also provide water sports.
Kalkan Beach Club
The pebble beach in Kalkan has been carefully and attractively extended and is an enjoyable base for swimming and sunbathing, but one of the joys of staying in this area is exploring the local coastline.
Kaputas Beach
The dramatic Kaputas beach is a ten-minute dolmus or taxi ride from Kalkan. It is a beautiful sandy beach found at the foot of a ravine down many, many steps!
Patara Beach
The longest beach in the mediterranean, accessible by car or taxi in just 15-minutes. Patara is a stunning and undeveloped 18-kilometre stretch of soft golden sand, where the evocative ruins protrude from the sand dunes. Patara is  Mediterranean’s most beautiful and undiscovered beaches.
Mahal Beach
To get to it, you need to take the water taxi from the harbour for the short ten-minute journey across the bay which runs on an ‘as and when’ basis all day long. The Mahal Beach Club provides a wonderfully peaceful place in which to relax. Mahal provides umbrellas, sun beds, a massage centre, a bar and a restaurant. Some water sports – including dinghy sailing – are also available.
Kalamar Beach
Located in the Bay of Kalamar. There’s an entrance fee to the beach club – the price includes a sun bed, umbrella, showers, free pedaloes and canoes and also complimentary transfers back to your property. Some water sports are available at an extra cost.
Klube, Kalamar Bay
Located in the Bay of Kalamar. There is no entrance fee. Beach head has a boutique hotel, restaurant and water-front bar and dining. Beach is pebbles and platform. Highly rercommended
Patara Prince Resort
The resort has four restaurants, leisure facilities such as tennis, diving, boar hunting etc. available. There are four beautiful swimming pools in the complex.  It is recommended the Baths (Hamam) here as an invigorating experience.
You are allowed to use all the facilities within the complex as a guest or by paying an entrance fee.
Beach is pebbles and platform.
Palm Beach Club
Located close to the harbour, around the bay. This contemporary beach club, with its friendly service is a welcome addition to the Kalkan scene.
Beach is pebbles and platform.
Island Bays
In the entrance of the wide Kalamar Cove there are the islands of Yilan and Sican and are accessible by hiring a motor boat. Yilan Island drops into the sea with great steep rocks, while Sican is more suitable for anchoring and swimming.
Indigo Beach Club
This is located in the harbour, on the opposite side of the harbour wall. It’s a modern beach club with sunbeds, umbrellas and restaurant facilities. There’s an entrance fee.
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